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Big Heart pendant gold long necklace - Wire wrapped handmade heart chain - Dije calado a mano

$53.80 USD

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Big Heart pendant Necklace

This different attention grabbing necklace is totally handmade with cooper wire deeply 24k gold plated. Each heart is strung together to form a continuous chain. The back part, where the chain is buttoned, is an extension of wax cotton cord, and the closure is a handmade button stamped with the initials of the brand. The big heart pendant is a hand cut solid brass gold plated, and measures is 2.5" wide and 1.5" long.
Each wire heart of the chain measures 0.75" approximately.
The total length of the necklace is 22" or 56 cm approximately.
This beautiful and unique necklace itå«s a perfect combination of gold and brown extension closure; make it easy to wear with any kind of outfit.
Guaranteed, you won't find anything like it!


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