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Gold or Silver plated brass flower earrings, Floral Earrings, Handmade flower earrings, Silver dangle Flower earring, Daisy Earrings

$22.00 USD

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Gold or Silver plated brass flower earrings, Floral earrings.

These handcrafted brass flower earrings are finished in your choice of gold plating or silver plating to create the perfect delicate addition to your spring or summer wardrobe. Gold plated flower earrings pair very well with warmer tones, such as reds, oranges and browns, whereas the silver plated flower earrings are suited to cool tones such as blues, purple and blacks.
Each piece is made using a hand soldering goldsmith technique and is guaranteed to be as unique as you are. Flowers are made from thick cut solid brass and then hand dipped in your choice of silver or gold plating.
Flower measures 1.76 inches (4.4 cm) and Order includes one set of earrings.

Each item is carefully shipped in a beautiful gift bag and organza pouch, bubble wrapped and well protected.
Care Instructions:
These earrings contain gold or silver plated brass flower charms, and over time they can darken or tarnish. If your earrings harms do tarnish, simply buff with a soft dry cloth.
Always avoid exposure to water, lotions or other harsh chemicals. Do not use soap and/or water to clean your earrings; instead just buff with that same dry cloth!
Thank you for visiting my shop 仫
I will be glad to make you happy with a little handmade goodness into your life.

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