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Approach Holy Week With Prayer And Intention

by Ana Caputo |

For Catholics, Holy Week or Semana Mayor is one of the most important moments of the year. It is a solemn celebration to remember that Jesus died on the cross to save all humanity and rose again to ensure eternal life with him.

As you know, our brand has a strong link with the Catholic faith and one of our missions is to offer you jewelry with deep and authentic spiritual symbolism, keeping you in touch with your beliefs.

Holy Week is a time that invites reflection, as well as renewing and changing our lives for the better. It is also an event to accompany Jesus and attend the different celebrations that take place in the church during the holy days. These start from Palm Sunday and end on Easter Sunday.

Each holy day holds a deep meaning for Catholics and today we want to share some suggestions to commemorate these days with respect and great faith. It is not about vanity but about all the power behind each piece for us.

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday is about arrivals. When you bring home blessed palms from Church, display them prominently in your house as a reminder to ask Jesus into your home and heart. Invite him to dwell in you.

Holy Thursday, the Eucharist
Holy Thursday commemorates the last supper that Jesus had next to his disciples, before being arrested by the Romans. There began what we know today as the celebration of the Eucharist, which is when the body and blood of Christ are received in the form of bread and wine.

For this day, we recommend a medal with an image of the Eucharist, such as a chalice, or a pendant of one of the apostles.Story of Jesus Christ Life Stretch Charms Beads BraceletGood Friday, the crucifixion
This is the most solemn day, because it is when Jesus is condemned and crucified. It is celebrated with some actions, such as fasting and abstinence, to show mourning and respect for his death.

On this occasion, the ideal is that you use a Christ or a crucifix, and even a medal of the Divine Face to remember the moment in which Veronica wipes the face of Jesus when he is on his way to be crucified.Dainty Cross Necklace for Woman 17.5 Inches Chain 18k Gold PlatedHoly Saturday, the new fire
Holy Saturday is still a day that represents mourning, but it is also the day in which we begin to prepare for the celebration of the eternal life of Christ.

In addition, this day the Paschal candle is lit and blessed, which represents the new fire, as well as the beginning of another liturgical year.

As fire is associated with the Holy Spirit and the sacrament of baptism, it is the perfect time to wear a medal with the dove of the Holy Spirit or some other piece that reminds us of him.Holy Spirit Medal NecklaceResurrection Sunday, the great celebration
Easter Sunday is a day of joy and celebration for all Catholics, as it commemorates that Jesus defeated death and rose on the third day, just as he said.

In this great celebration, you can wear a crucifix with the Holy Shroud —also called the Sacred Mantle—, since it is the sign that Jesus died and rose again, since it was the only thing found in his tomb. This sheet is still preserved in Turin, Italy.

The meaning of these days are the foundations of our faith, so let's take the opportunity to reflect, ask for what we long for and give thanks for what we have.

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