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About me

A passion for crafts and handmade artistry

Ana Caputo

Hello there! My name is Ana, and I am the creator behind SifriShop, this online store. My personal brand is Sifrimania.

I have always had a passion for crafts and hand-made artistry, but in early 2012 I decided to channel that passion into making mine and other artisans work available to customers everywhere through online stores. 

Design is my favorite work, and inspiration comes to me on the strangest of times. Sometimes I’ll be exercising outdoors or cooking a meal and an idea will hit me. The first thing I do once I’m done is take my notebook and make a quick sketch. Then I’ll begin trying and testing different materials until the final product begins to take shape. I especially love to incorporate bright, bold colors, and diverse textures into my designs.

Our only goal is and will always be to make sure the client is happy and satisfied with their purchase, as well as to let them know that each piece was made with an immense amount of affection and dedication. We genuinely believe that the most valuable aspect of our work is the love that is put into it.

Another one of my passions is my family, with whom I share my work and my life. My mother helps with self-promoting the store on and off-line, while my niece helps in translating and editing since English is not my first language. Rocky, our loving and playful golden retriever, provides constant companionship while we work. I hope this gives you some insight into my life, our process, and our purpose in creating SifriShop and that you feel as at home in our store as we do! :-)



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