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About us

The deepest essence of each artist is in their handcraft product.


The originality and creativity in each handmade traditional piece of art have an invaluable added bonus that you will not find in an industrial factory product ever.

A long time ago the global economy has been constantly changing, just as the way to buy products. Since then, daily life is faster and faster, and people have less time to occupy in visiting shops in large shopping malls to buy something great for us or find the perfect gift for someone.

Who's doesn't prefer buy online, paying the fair price, and get the product quickly in the comfort of your home with an excellent, and fast customer service?

Our products are designed for that type of person, which does not have much time available: the mother, the executive, who is always is on the run, the wife, the young student, the professional, each one of them wants to be fashionable and beautiful all the time, following the trend of global fashion. We have a great variety of products with beautiful designs that suit all ages and tastes.

You can find in our shop the perfect accessory or gift with just a “click”. 


SifriShop merchandise is made by hand, with durable materials, full of vibrant colors, shapes, and attention to detail, which makes the difference with any other product: the perfect finish!
We have over 12 years in the market by designing high-quality products and for the last 4 years of successful online selling unique creations.

Our goal and ambition It is to win and keep happy loyal customers to the brand.

Our main focus is to give an excellent customer service and to serve our clients with respect and integrity. We dedicate ourselves everyday to improve the quality of our products and to be aware of our customer needs, in order to be updated with new trends and to reward our customers for the confidence that they put in our work.
Besides creating products with the finest materials available in the market, SifriShop sells pieces that translate our commitment and passion for what we do. Every detail and every new piece is the result of research and dedication to reach excellence.

We hope you enjoy the work we have done with such dedication for you.

Thank you for supporting creative designs and handcrafted goods.


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