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Chinese New Year 2022: Year of the Tiger

by Ana Caputo |

On February 1, the Chinese New Year 2022 begins, a new cycle corresponding to the third sign of the Chinese zodiac: the tiger, which represents courage, bravery, independence and strength.

People born under this sign are usually very brave, active and are not afraid of challenges. They like to set goals loaded with a good dose of challenge.

They tend to be affectionate, rebellious and captivating. They are always looking for new challenges and have a strong and independent character. They are extremely honest, and tender and affectionate with the people they love.

Tigers in the Chinese horoscope are usually very kind people, with a great fondness for the arts and music. They never give up due to their adventurous spirit.

Some negative aspects that they usually have on occasion is that they make hasty decisions, which generally get out of hand.

In the love aspect, they are usually cold, since it is difficult for them to strengthen a relationship with another person.

The years and the order of the animals of each sign of the Chinese horoscope are:
Chinese zodiac sign by year

According to the lunar calendar, the year of the metal Ox (2021) is about to come to an end and give way to the birth New Year of the tiger (2022). Have you already located which animal corresponds to your year of birth according to the Chinese horoscope?

Chinese Zodiac Sign

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