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5 Tips To Upgrade Your Style

by Ana Caputo |

I want to share with you 5 essential tips from the experts at Project Glam to change up your look:

  1. Experiment with layers: the secret of layering is in creating harmony between the textures and colors of different items, from the lightest (blouse) to the thickest (coat).
  2. Back to basics: odds are we all have a classic cut pair of pants, blouse, dress, or blazer. Sometimes we forget that we have these pieces at our disposal and we struggle to remember how versatile they can be.
  3. 2+1: pair up 2 basic garments with 1 striking piece. The result will be fabulous. For example: jeans + white t-shirt + neon purse.
  4. When in doubt, opt for a monochromatic look: when you’re unsure about how to update your style, try pairing a whole outfit with pieces of a single color block. This looks even more elegant when you wear neutral tones like white, gray, dark blue, or black.
  5. Invest in accessories: Yes, always yes! Accessories play a fundamental role when creating and modernizing an outfit. With them we can give the same look a different twist, making it stand out or choosing to give it a casual or formal air.

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