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From Plain To Fabulous

by Ana Caputo |

Surely it’s happened to you that after putting on that perfect outfit you had in mind you felt a little plain. You want to look elegant and make an impact, but you don’t know how.

It’s happened to me many times as well. But I discovered that elevating a boring outfit is easier than I thought. Here I share a few fashion tips that DO work!

  • Wear a silk scarf. You won’t believe what this accessory brings to the table. You can wear it on your neck, hair, or even on your bag.
  • Coat. If the weather permits, choose a simple one. You’ll see how this piece will help you look glamorous in an instant.
  • Sunglasses. They give a top touch to a basic outfit. Remember to choose a pair that goes well with the shape of your face.
  • Blazer. A third layer that can work for different occasions. Even with jeans and a t-shirt it will look chic!

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  • The right accessories. Choose them with dedication. The selection of an accessory can downgrade or elevate your outfit. That dress on its own might not seem super chic or elegant, but with delicate, high-quality accessories… voila!


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