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Handmade Jewelry Pieces With My Respect And Admiration On Veterans Day

by Ana Caputo |

Designing pieces of jewelry is a journey that connects me with my roots, my experiences and my desires. But it has also been a way for me to connect with the experiences of others, their triumphs, their loved ones and their beliefs. It is a challenge that inspires me and stimulates my creativity, always with respect and love.

Every November 11 in the United States, tribute is paid to those who have served the Armed Forces of the country with the commemoration of Veterans Day. It is a public holiday, timely to publicly recognize the contributions of veterans and show appreciation towards them. It also coincides with the commemoration of the end of the World War I.

During Veterans Day, various tributes are paid in the United States to remember those who fought when the rights of citizenship were threatened: their service and sacrifice are honored. The courage and bravery of those who served the cause of freedom is recognized.

Today I want to tell you that a kind client wrote to me and shared a story that touched me a lot. His younger brother, a Vietnam War veteran who dresses up as Saint Nicholas every year at Christmas to entertain local children, was diagnosed with cancer.

She gave him a protection bracelet from my collection and he felt very hopeful. It fills my heart enormously that an accessory made by me with a lot of love and good energy can serve to unite an entire family with a single purpose: to send protection to a veteran so that he can soon overcome his illness.Handmade Mens Adjustable BraceletIn my pieces you will always find a story told from its conception until it becomes part of your accessories, a reminder of everything that moves us, our beliefs and of the love and respect we feel for ourselves and for others.
God Bless America Bracelet
Today it is me who thanks you for allowing me to be part of your stories!

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