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Most Powerful Good Luck Charms

by Ana Caputo |

Who couldn't use a little more luck? While there's certainly an argument for "making your own" lucky symbols and charms have been used for generations to help people invite more abundance and prosperity into their lives.

Good luck charms are seen throughout art and fashion history, and are often worn as jewelry, becoming tiny talismans to carry around wherever you go.

A good luck charm jewellery may be defined as: "Jewellery which upon possession delivers a positive influence on the fortunes of a person or set of people wearing it".Evil Eye Lucky Charm Bracelet Hamsa

Because of the strength and power of feeling we have towards these traditional good luck charms, I decided to integrate my interest for exploring feelings and stones' properties in my designs, with the purpose of providing energy, protection, and a sense of connection with something greater.

There are some lucky charms that are designed to be worn daily and are meant to keep you safe from harm. Everyone can use a bit of luck in their life. One way to help ensure that tomorrow will be luckier than today is to sport a good luck charm of your own.Buddha Tassel Long Necklace Lucky Jewelry

At Sifrimania you can find a variety of styles and unique good luck amulets: Evil Eye, Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima, Jet Stone (Azabache), Red Strings, the images of the saints and virgins you are devoted to and more.

Carry some luck with you wearing our necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings designs.

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