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Which accessories to wear during the day and which ones at night?

by Ana Caputo |

In the same way that we select clothes and shoes, some accessories are also designed to be worn at a specific time of day and there are times when we don't know which one to wear. Will it be for the day or for the night? Keep reading to discover some tips.

Some pieces combined with a casual look can be used both day and night. That is why in our jewelry box you can not miss earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, as each one brings a touch of style, elegance and personality that complement the outfit.

To look radiant during the day, select clothes that do not overload your look and that are not excessive. The ideal is to wear minimalist jewelry, but with a lot of character. Jewelry with cubic zirconia or long earrings are a good option. daytime outfits, we must always take into account what we are going to wear at night to avoid mistakes such as wearing bright pieces with bright clothes. In that case, it is preferable to wear simpler accessories.

Many girls love to wear a watch and it is an essential piece, but at night it is better to leave it at home and change it for a nice bracelet.

It is advisable to add a single bracelet, ring or pendant to your evening look. The important thing is that accessories always highlight your elegance and sophistication at any time of the day.Crescent Moon CZ Bracelet, Moon and Star JewelryFrom Sifrimania we hope that these tips and recommendations are useful to you!

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