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Red String Genuine Azabache Bracelet for Adults Pulsera Mal de ojo

$19.99 USD
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This powerful protection bracelet is woven with macrame square knot with a red cotton-linen cord and 3.5mm gold filled balls. At the center has a 6mm square azabache bead and a 5 mm round evil eye glass bead. 

Bracelet minimum size is 6" inches or 15 cm and can be extended to 7" inches or 17 cm approximately
This cute bracelet can be adjusted to a different length if needed. It's a powerful protection against the evil eye.

About Azabache:
Jet neutralizes negative energies. Jet's energies of purification of energy and vibrations bring about protection on many levels. It has been used extensively for protection against evil and all negative energies. It is also a powerful protector against psychic attacks. Jet also has energies making it protective to finances and business and brings stability to these realms.
Jet is a stone kind to people in difficulty and fear and has very calming energy. Healing grief is a primary purpose for the jet in the emotional realm. It brings grief to the surface in a gentle manner to be alleviated and healed with the protection of sympathy and comfort. Jet also eases anxiety and depression, calming anxious or fearful thinking as well as delusions. Ease of anxiety and depression can then bring about inner growth, increase self-reliance, and ease change in many areas of life.

About Evil Eye: According to the Kabbalah, most of the everyday misfortunes happen because of the evil eye. The human eye has the capability to transmit both positive and negative energy. The evil eye is that a person can harm you, your children, your livestock, or your fruit trees, by "looking at them" with envy and praising them.

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Red String Genuine Azabache Bracelet for Adults Pulsera Mal de ojo

$19.99 USD


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