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Adjustable Brown Cord Venezuela Tricolor Map and Star Necklace

$22.50 USD
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Bring your beautiful country VENEZUELA always in your neck with this simple and minimalist 18K gold plated map pendant and yellow, blue and red, the colors of our flag.
It is made with a waxed jute brown cord and it is adjustable up to 22"/ 56 cm. At the center has a 1.5 cm /0.4" map pendant. The cord it's decorated with vertical tricolor crystals, 2mm gold-filled balls, and 1cm gold plated star simulating the Venezuelan flag.
It can be wear alone or with other layered necklaces.
Brown Waxed Nylon Cord 1mm
Necklace length: Adjustable up to 22" or 56 Cm
Map measures: 0.6"x 0.5" / 1.5x1.2 cm

It is carefully shipped in a beautiful organza pouch, bubble wrapped and well protected.

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Venezuela Flag Necklace

Adjustable Brown Cord Venezuela Tricolor Map and Star Necklace

$22.50 USD


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