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Amazon SMB Impact Report 2020 included Sifrimania on it: Small business success in challenging times

by Ana Caputo |

I want to share with you the joy and satisfaction that it gives us to be part of a companie that supports and values the work that thousands of small and medium-sized businesses do every day to contribute to the development and growth of our businesses.

Recently Amazon published the 2020 Small and Medium Business (SMB) Impact Report, highlighting how the company benefits SMBs, including more than 2 million independent sellers, authors, content creators, delivery providers, developers and IT solution providers in the U.S. Despite the impact COVID-19 has had on many small businesses, American SMBs working with Amazon have been able to thrive and grow.

Sifrimania is a sample of this, and this year we have our space in the report! We feel proud and even more committed to continuing to do what we like the most, also guaranteeing to support and give new growth possibilities to those who believe and are committed to realizing their dreams.

You can visit and follow us on our website on Amazon here

You can also see the full 2020 Amazon SMB Impact Report here. Find out what we said on page 4!

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