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Sifrimania is recognized in the Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 by Amazon

by Ana Caputo |

Between September 15 and October 15 in the United States, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated. During this period of time, the culture, traditions, achievements and contributions of our roots and our presence in this country are evoked and celebrated.

The contributions of Hispanics and Latinos to the United States are vast and steeped in history, and Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to recognize and honor our community in the United States.

This year Amazon partnered with Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based graphic designer Niege Borges whose work recognizes Hispanic and Latino entrepreneurs, creators, artists, business owners, and storytellers, and is featured through The idea is to celebrate Hispanic culture while supporting Hispanic small and medium businesses.

With the motto "Celebremos", Amazon offers its customers "the best place to buy an immense variety of Hispanic-owned products while staying connected to their roots and culture." Throughout this month, Amazon will be highlighting Hispanic and Latino entrepreneurs, creators, artists, businessmen and storytellers.


Amazon celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

We are happy and honored to be part of this space, and today we share this joy with you and we join the recognition and effort of all the brands that we have the opportunity to grow our business in Amazon.

In this link you can read the review in which we appear.

Also can enjoy Amazon Hispanic Heritage Month experience here

And let's celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month together!

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