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Charms And Jewelry That Brings Good Luck And Protection

by Ana Caputo |

Although not all people are superstitious or believe in luck, since ancient times human beings felt the need to give an explanation to everything, from known facts to those that are not.

It is something that has always accompanied us and that is why amulets and jewels have been created to protect us from bad influences and the unknown, and to attract abundance, health, love and good luck.

Some of the icons, symbols and objects that persist today come from ancient religious beliefs or from myths and legends that have transcended from generation to generation. And surely in our jewelry box we have some of these pieces that we want to share with you today:

Evil Eye
The most popular method of escaping the evil eye’s effects in many cultures is by the use of evil eye talismans, evil eye symbols, and evil eye jewelry. These are meant to “reflect” the power of the evil look.

Enameled Royal Blue Evil Eye Chain Necklace

Hamsa Hand
The Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings it’s owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.

Silver Plated Hamsa Hand Evil Eye BraceletJet Stone (Azabache)
Working almost like an energetic filter, Jet is known for clearing the aura of impure energies. Jet can also be helpful for those experiencing negative energies or emotions. It will remind you of your goals, and inspire you to reinvent yourself.

Genuine Azabache Hand Charm Evil EyeRed Strings
The red thread (or the red string of fate) has been worn as a representation of protection, faith, good luck, strength, and connection. Red string bracelets can become a talisman and can be charged with energies that are to protect the wearer.

Hamsa Evil Eye Red String Kabbalah BraceletIn our catalog you can find these and other pieces to attract luck, you will love them all!

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