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Ideas To Combine Your Favorite Jewels

by Ana Caputo |

Surely it happens to you like me: there are rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that become our favorites and have a prominent place in our jewelry box. They are those pieces that we always want to wear, day and night, and that we wear with our best looks.

Today I bring you a list of suggestions to combine those favorite pieces with others that you have saved and even with new accessories that you have been discovering and have on your wish list.

How to combine rings?

The rings attract a lot of attention because they are visible in our hands, so if you are a lover of these pieces, do not be afraid to use more than one ring in both hands. If they are large pieces, striking or different by design, it is better to use them on different fingers; and if they are thin, you can wear more than one on the same finger.

Rings with stones can be combined with others that also have stones of the same color or of different colors.

How to combine bracelets?

These accessories definitely add a lot of elegance and color to our outfit, so if they are among your favorite pieces, surely you have different types and styles.

String Matching Bracelets

Bracelets in all their versions, with or without natural stones, smooth, with or without diges, undoubtedly highlight any look. If you wear a casual outfit or decide to dress up a bit more, mixing bracelets will be a success.

And do not miss the necklaces!

These accessories have definitely been gaining followers over time.

Today we see how a simple outfit made up of a jean and a basic shirt is transformed into a fabulous look by adding one of our necklaces.

Combining pieces of different lengths helps you get that touch that transforms any neckline. Remember that in this post we give you tips to get the best necklace for each neckline.

Gold Triple Layer Chain NecklaceThe truth is that short necklaces or long necklaces, with different textures, with medals, colors can be combined with each other. You can use a single short or several of different lengths. Certainly none will go unnoticed.

Dare to combine your accessories and discover new options on our website that will allow you to create unique and new styles for all occasions.

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