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The Best Necklace for Every Neckline

by Ana Caputo |

Accessories make the difference between a simple outfit and a spectacular one, and when it comes to choosing the right necklace or pendant, you can follow these tips according to the neckline you are going to wear.

Strapless neckline
This type of neckline works well with different kinds of necklaces. But if what you want is to dazzle, bet on the striking and close to the skin. But, in this case more than in any other, take into account the color of your skin and the garment so that they combine perfectly with the jewel you choose.

Round necklines
As with V neck necklaces, in the case of round necklines it is best to follow the shape of the garment. That is why short necklaces, rounded and framed within the skin of the neckline (like chokers) give a sophisticated look. Check it out for yourself in the mirror!

The best option for round necklaces (as well as V necklaces) is that they follow the shape of the garment. 

Swan neck
Long necklaces or pendants are ideal for high or swan necks. Although you can also bet on a choker that is very simple, if you want to give it that touch of elegance that you like so much, play it safe and select a long pendant.

The perfect necklaces for V necklines are those that follow that same shape, pendant style. However, some closer to the neck can also look great if they have enough presence and thickness.Gold Triple Layer Chain Necklace

Boat neckline
Choose the necklace according to the bateau neckline you have. If it is very subtle and at the end the finish is almost straight, the pendants are incredible. But if the neckline is somewhat more pronounced, a choker can also be phenomenal. 

Shirt necklines
What neckline gives more personality than this? Combine it with a short and minimalist necklace if you go with the shirt open (to stylize the neck area) and with a longer pendant if you wear the shirt closed.

Square neckline
Chokers, both those with small pendants and the simplest ones, are a real delight when combined with this type of neckline. They take away a bit of seriousness and create the perfect contrast to frame the neck.

With all these suggestions, it only remains for you to choose the necklace for each neckline and go out to show them off!

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