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What Are The Properties Of Azabache Stones?

by Ana Caputo |

Since ancient times, one of the properties of jet is its use as a talisman or stone of protection. It has always been described as a stone with magical properties to protect from harm against the evil eye and from negative energies or envies.

Azabache can purify your energies and give you protection in body, heart, mind, and spirit, and some of its properties are:
  • Jet neutralizes negative energies.
  • Jet's energies of purification of energy and vibrations bring about protection on many levels. It has been used extensively for protection against evil and all negative energies. It is also a powerful protector against psychic attacks.
Stone Pendant Baby Protection Charm
  • Jet also has energies making it protective to finances and business and brings stability to these realms.
  • Jet is a stone kind to people in difficulty and fear and has a very calming energy.
  • Healing grief is a primary purpose for Jet in the emotional realm. It brings grief to the surface in a gentle manner to be alleviated and healed with the protection of sympathy and comfort.
Simple Chain 18K Gold Plated Azabache Anklets for Women
  • Jet also eases anxiety and depression, calming anxious or fearful thinking as well as delusions. Ease of anxiety and depression can then bring about inner growth, increase self-reliance, and ease change in any areas of life.

Jet is the perfect amulet for spiritual protection!

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