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What Are The Meanings Of The Evil Eye Charm Colors?

by Ana Caputo |

Traditionally the blue color Turkish eye is for luck, good karma, positive energies, and protection against the evil eye. In many cultures, most people believe that the official color of the evil eye is the deep blue.

However, this symbol also shows up with many other colors to deliver more different meanings.

Here are some common colors and the meaning each holds:

  • Dark Blue Evil eye: Karma and fate protection; Calm and relaxation; Open flow of communication
Blue Evil Eye & Gold Hamsa Charm Bracelet
  • Yellow or Gold Evil eye: Protect your health; Relief from exhaustion; Sharper mind and concentration
  • Orange Evil eye: Happiness and protection; Motivation for commitment;Increase creativity and playfulness
  • Dark Green Evil eye: Garners happiness; Balance in your life; Freedom to pursue new ideas
  • Light Green Evil eye: Success with your dreams; Enjoyment and contentment ; Good health
  • Red Evil eye: Brings you courage; More enthusiasm and energy; Protection from fears and anxieties

Lucky Charm Bracelet, Cubic Zirconia Adjustable Bracelet

  • Pink Evil eye: Protect your friendships; Calming feeling; Content and relaxation.
  • Purple Evil eye: Boost your imagination; Re-balance your life; To remove obstacles
  • Brown Evil eye: Protection from the elements; Connection with nature; Orderliness and convention
  • Grey Evil eye: Protect against sorrow; Openness to new situations; Reduce intensity of another color
  • White Evil eye: Purity and focus; Clear clutter and obstacles; To start fresh

In my designs, I always try to include symbols to make you feel protected. If you are looking for something that protect you against bad luck or curses, my Evil Eye jewels will be a great chioce.

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