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How Do You Use Azabache As A Protection Charm?

by Ana Caputo |

Wearing azabache stones is believed to protect against the curse.

Babies are generally given jet earrings, bracelets or jet brooches. Even adults wear azabache jewelry, sometimes with gold, red glass beads, or red coral, to help guard them against negative energy.

Newborn Genuine Azabache Protection Baby Bracelet

Though jet is magically powerful, it is a brittle stone. For this reason, it is a good idea to take care of azabache jewelry and avoid letting it bang around during sports or heavy work.

Clean it with a soft cloth and warm water, and it can last for a very long time.

What Happens When Azabache Jewelry Breaks?
If an azabache hand or other mal de ojo jewelry breaks, it means that someone has tried to give the wearer the evil eye.

This is similar to other protective talismans -- breaking either means that you have avoided a curse, or acts as a warning that someone wishes you ill.

Unfortunately, if an azabache stone is broken this way, it will no longer protect the wearer and must be replaced.

Azabache and Peony Charms Baby Brooch

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