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Powerful Protection With Azabache Stones

by Ana Caputo |

Azabache stones are used as a protective talisman in both children and adults. I want to tell you why!


The History of Azabache Stones

Azabache stones are formed from trees that went extinct over 65 million years ago. Even in ancient Rome, the black stones were valued for jewelry and decoration. When polished, it becomes very shiny. It can also be carved, and is often found in shapes like scallops, human figures, crosses azabache hands.


 Baby Brooch Genuine Azabache Hand Charm Evil Eye Pendant Pin

Today, these stones are very often used in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and other areas that had a heavy Spanish influence.

Azabache is a very protective stone. It is considered especially potent against mal de ojo (the evil eye).


Simple Chain 18K Gold Plated Protection Azabache Bracelet for Women

Our Azabache comes from South America Amazonia, it is original (it is not plastic).

Know more about how do you use azabache as a protection charm at this link

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