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How To Choose The Right Earrings For Your Face Shape

by Ana Caputo |

When you are going to choose the model of earrings you are going to wear, do you think if it matches your clothes or not? An important detail to take into account is the shape of your face.

Choosing the right earrings will enhance your factions and make you look more attractive.

Consider these tips:

  •  Avoid designs that follow the shape of your face if it is diamond shaped. Opt for earrings that have curves to soften your factions, you can choose between long or short. Preferably, look for ones that are round and delicate. 
  • If your face is round, wear contrasting earrings. Don´t choose small, round pieces, look for large ones. You can also use geometric shapes and straight lines to make your face look more stylish. You'll look fabulous! 
  • If your face has a square shape, look for designs that soften your factions. Avoid pronounced lines and choose earrings that have delicate and smooth curves. Small pearls earrings are also a good choice.

Double Pearl Earrings

  • Is your face oval-shaped? Although almost all earrings suit you, prefer long, striking earrings or large rings to create some contrast with your face. 
  • If your face is heart-shaped, highlight your factions with earrings that mix straight lines and curves. Look for small or large earrings with candlestick or drop designs to create a beautiful contrast.

Did you take this into account when you selected your earrings? The earrings will help you to look your best!

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