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Easy Ways To Select Accessories For Summer

by Ana Caputo |

With the arrival of the summer season, you might be looking to update your wardrobe!

The key to sporting a chic and polished look is to choose your accessories carefully and combine them in fresh, creative ways: 

  • Slip on some big hoops: When deciding which pair is right to you, make sure to take your face shape into account.
Gold Dangle Bohemian Earrings

  • Keep the balance: If layering up, choose delicate necklaces
    so the pieces don’t overpower one another.
  • Dare to try out new color schemes: It’s not necessary to stick to only one hue, but the shades should work in harmony and complement those in the rest of your outfit.
Pink Crystal Bracelet, Romantic Flower Pastel Set of 2 Matching Bracelets, Elastic Bracelet

    • Style your accessories in unexpected ways: A knotted up scarf, mismatched earrings, or a handerkich cleverly placed. Each of these details can be used to create a unique and innovative look.
    Black Cord Evil Eye Adjustable Necklace

      • Use a pop of color to your advantage: Wearing an all-black or otherwise, a neutral outfit can present the perfect opportunity to pair them with statement pieces – strikingly colorful or oversized accessories. This combination will differentiate you as possessing a fresh style and effortless elegance.

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