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How To Combine The Right Accessories With Your Outfit?

by Ana Caputo |

How many times do we ask which accessory fits best with the clothes we are going to wear? Knowing how to choose our accessories according to our body, the occasion and the hour is of great value in matching our outfit.

Accessories truly have the power to transform any outfit and at the same time, to express your unique personality.

These tips will help you accentuate your style and bring you confidence:

Color: The first thing you should take into account when combining clothes with accessories is their main tone. It is important that you get out of your mind that absolutely everything you wear has to be the same shade. Play with contrasting.

Neutral: A great option to highlight accessories is to have basics. You should have pieces in black, white, grey, navy blue and brown.

Crescent Moon CZ Bracelet, Moon and Star Jewelry

Balance: Keep in mind that accessories that have a lot of detail and are extremely colorful will attract attention, so avoid wearing even more eye-catching clothes with large prints. In this case, the focal point of the look is the accessory.

Evil Eye Beads and Hamsa Hand Necklace

Time: Some accessories can be worn during the day and night; others cannot. For example, for a night time look it is advisable to wear jewelry with rhinestones since they will give your clothes a chic and elegant touch.

Get ready to achieve an impact look!

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