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The Lucky Red String Bracelet

by Ana Caputo |

The red string of fate bracelet is worn for protection, faith, good luck, strength, and connection. It's also a symbol of being loved, supported and, feeling safe and secure. For others, it's a prompt to stay positive while facing any adversity.

The red string can serve as:
  • An opportunity to redirect and realign your core beliefs.
  • A reminder of your goals, of who you are, and who you most desire to be.
  • A reminder of a connection between you and a loved one.

Also iIt can make you feel like you're safe and protected. It can aid in helping you feel prosperous and lucky.Red String Kabbalah Adjustable BraceletWearing this bracelet around your left wrist is a Kabbalah tradition and it is used to ward off darkness and misfortune set by the evil eye.

This tradition has also taught us that when a red string bracelet is wound seven times it is endowed with some mystical powers. This is the practice that has people wrapping a Kabbalah red string around their wrist in order to get protection from evil.Seven Knots Red String Good Luck Protection BraceletStrengthen your ties with your love and loved ones by wearing bracelets from the red string of fate. Check out our red bracelets and find the style you like the most!

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