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Turn Up The Energy This Summer! 6 Tips That Will Help You Boosting Your Self-Esteem

by Ana Caputo |

Have you had moments in which you feel off, with your spirits down and doubting your abilities to achieve what you set out to do? It's happened to me too and it's horrible.

Last time I downloaded a guide from Marta Parella (@marta_coach_con_m) with exercises to beat that negative state of mind.

I want to share with you the ones that have worked best for me:

  1. Instead of complaining, act: The next time you find yourself complaining ("I don't like my job", "I can't handle everything"...) think about what you really want and do it.
  2. Surround yourself with your vitamin people: Make a list of the people you can count on, call them this week and organize meetings. Make another list of toxic people and mark your limits. Do not allow anyone to bring down your energy or your desire to move forward.
  3. Exercise daily: You need energy and endorphins to live. If you still don't have your exercise routine, call a friend or find a training partner and sign up for some classes so you will have the commitment to attend.
  4. Set limits, don't say "YES" to everything: Sometimes saying NO to others means saying YES to yourself. Avoid the immediate response that is conditioned by the desire to please the other person and then answer what you really want.
  5. Create daily habits that you enjoy: Make a list of 10 things that are pleasant or that help you with your peace of mind. Keep track on a calendar to measure your progress.
  6. Give yourself exclusive time: Starting today you will have a sacred hour. It’s that moment of the week in your agenda, solely for you, and which you will not skip for anything in the world. Some ideas:
  • Visit secret corners of your city
  • Do yoga at home
  • Read a new book
  • Go for a walk
  • Light some candles

I also added to this exercise pampering myself, so I can make myself feel good in my own skin. I wear clothes that I know flatter me and combine them with my favorite pieces, because dressing up and wearing your favorite accessories is also a way to self-love, confidence and joy!

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