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The Peony: The Protective Seed Against Bad Energies and the Evil Eye

by Ana Caputo |

Peony is the name of a very popular natural seed that is used to counteract envy and the evil eye. It has an especially spiritual meaning and has had countless religious uses over the years.

It is a seed from the plant known as Ormosia sp., Huayruro being its indigenous name. They are found inside a small pod that, when opened, drops the seeds to the ground and is located in the Amazon Rainforest.

Peony it is considered sacred, attributing magical properties and meanings of abundance, good vibes and prosperity. It is used to counteract bad energies and to cleanse homes of darkness and negative influences.

The indigenous people of countries like Peru and Venezuela used them as a talisman and over time it became a popular tradition. Many even place them in the hands of newborns as a powerful amulet to protect against the evil eye, attract good fortune (so it can be carried along with your money) and ward off bad energies and curses.

Peony Huayruro Pendant Natural Peonia Seed Bead for Necklaces and Bracelets

Its red color is associated with prosperity, wealth, honor and respect.

They can be of two sizes:

Female peony: It is the smallest, it is all red and is used mostly in bracelets to protect children from the evil eye.

Male peony: It is the largest, they have a red half and the other black half, being red predominant and only above it has a black part. They are said to bring harmony and balance to homes.Peony Seed Red String Powerful BraceletIt is considered a lucky seed, full of positive energy, strength and courage, which wards off envy, hypocrisy, the evil eye and false friends.

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