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The Red String Of Fate Means More Than Romantic Love

by Ana Caputo |

The Red String of Fate, also known as the Red Thread of Fate, refers to an ancient myth of faith, protection and love.

What Does The Story Of The Red String Mean?

The basis of this legend is that, thanks to the Gods, everyone’s little finger is tied to an invisible red string that will lead him or her to another person to which the other end is tied and with whom they have an important story.

Mommy and Me Jet Stone Azabache Cross Matching Bracelets Set of 2When they meet each other, it will profoundly affect both of them. Many believe that the red thread connects anyone who is meant to be together. This includes best friends, adopted children and many other connections that we encounter during our lives.

The legend isn’t limited to a romantic relationship. It encompasses all those with whom we will make history and all those whom we will help in one way or another. Two people who are connected in this way are bound together by Fate itself.

The beauty of the story is that although the strings can sometimes stretch and become tangled, those ties will never be broken.

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From religions of Judaism and Christianity, Hindu and Buddhism to cultures such as Chinese and Latino you'll find that the red string all has the same basic meaning of protection and luck.

Our pieces combine the beauty of this legend with other protection charms:: jet stones (azabache), Evil Eye, Hamsa Hand, rosaries, crosses and more!!

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