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How To Prove The Authenticity Of The Azabache Stone

by Ana Caputo |

There are minerals and natural stones that have a vibration and are capable of granting healing qualities to those who possess them. Azabache stones are definitely one of them!

Jet is a black stone very similar to glass whose origin is none other than the Jurassic trees. In fact, this natural stone is nothing more than fossilized wood.

A characteristic of azabache stones is that, as with amber, when you rub them, it becomes electrically charged.Protection Azabache BraceletHow to know if jet is real?

  1. Take the azabache and make a line with it on a sheet of white paper. Do not use napkins for this. The authentic jet will scratch the blade.
  2. Place a small drop of water on the stone, the jet will absorb the drop because it is porous. Plastic does not absorb water.

Azabache and Peonia Charm BraceletOur Azabache comes from Venezuela Amazonia, it is original (it is not plastic). You can definitely write with our genuine azabache!

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