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Sun, Moon & Stars: Explore The Sky With Celestial Jewelry

by Ana Caputo |

Celestial jewelry pieces are amazing! They are subtle, feminine, elegant and give a magical and cosmic touch. Without a doubt, they will be forgotten in your favorites!
The moon, the sun, and the stars have fascinated and enchanted us with their grandeur and mystery since the beginning of human history. The content of the sky represents an unknown that amazes us with its beauty. These celestial images appear in art, architecture, literature, and of course, jewelry.
When we look at the sky we are amazed by its immensity, and as John Lennon's song "We all shine the moon, and the stars, and the sun" says... these three motifs date back to ancient civilizations and each It is associated with traditions, legends and gods in different times and cultures.
As people seek more and more spiritual connections, we tune in to these cosmic symbols as a reminder that every wish can come true when we stay true to ourselves.

The Moon
The moon is considered a symbol of protection and help to overcome difficult stages for everyone who wears it. It is also believed that it brings a meaning of positive energy.
The Romans and Greeks connected the moon with the moon gods, the only way they could explain the lights in the sky. They believed that if you gave your romantic partner a crescent moon during a full moon, they would love you forever!
A crescent moon and a star together were considered a sweet declaration of love, and from which we can derive the phrase, "I love you to the moon and back."Crescent Moon Stars Pendant Necklace, Celestial JewelryCurrently we continue to consider the moon as a symbol of change and evolution, but also of permanence, since even though it goes through many phases, it is always present.
We are well aware of the role the moon plays in changing the tides and their gravitational pull, and many people who use birth charts believe that the moon plays an important role in mood and motivation.

The Stars
The stars are that element of the universe that we observe every night in search of a point of light.
Star symbolism is also ancient, often signifying direction, light, and clarity.
They were used as a direction because travelers of old often sailed exclusively at night, using the stars as a guide to reach their destination without deviation.
When we see a shooting star, what prompts us to make a wish? Who has not looked at the stars from their window in search of answers? Stars themselves came to mean good luck and something to wish for, to this day we still wish for stars in hopes of achieving our dreams.
This symbol represents people with aspirations and desires, because in our hands is the power to change course and find the fixed point on the horizon. The stars represent reliability, anchoring us to the present, day after day.Wish Bracelet Friendship, Star bracelet, Celestial JewelryThe Sun
The sun is the brightest star and is at the center of our planetary system. All the planets orbit around it.
In most ancient civilizations the sun was highly valued, considered a God, it was the divine fire, the eye of the supreme God.
The sun is the symbol of resurrection and immortality; life, death and rebirth are symbolized by the solar cycle. It represents the tree of life and the heart of the world.Virgen de Guadalupe MedalIt is a positive symbol for those who need the energy that this star brings, energy that will help you become the center of your universe.
The meaning of the sun is the truth, the light from the inside to the outside and it will bring you vitality.

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