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Express Or Change Your Mood By Using Colors

by Ana Caputo |

Did you know that color is a perception, a visual sensation? It has been studied in fields as diverse as physics, chemistry, and psychology. This is known as colorimetry. Each color symbolizes and transmits different sensations and influences your mood.

I’ve been reading from different sources about the meaning of colors, and the one which resonated with me the most was the guide developed by artist Carolina Galia for Tarbay.

Here’s a brief recap of what @carogalia wrote in such an up-to-date style:
  • Yellow: represents happiness. If you want to send a message of enthusiasm and creativity, this is the ideal color. It can help you connect with people and make new friends.
  • Blue: transmits tranquility, seriousness, and wisdom. It invited closeness and effective communication. If you have to address the public and want to send a message of emotional stability, don’t hesitate to wear this color.

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  • White: will convey that your message is trustworthy, accurate, and optimistic. It is also the color of elegance and of new beginnings.
  • Purple: was the favorite of royalty for many centuries because it symbolizes wealth and power. By wearing it, you will be seen as a sensitive and imaginative person. Violet is perfect to wear for diplomatic occasions or you’re looking to stand out in a crowd.
  • Orange: is warm and fun. It represents creativity and innovation so by wearing it you’re bound to transmit a cheerful and optimistic message. It’s perfect for daytime or outdoor events that aren’t too formal.
  • Red: is the perfect color to impress people, as wearing it will identify you as a secure and confident person. Ideal to stand out at a social event because it is associated with energetic and emotionally charged people.
  • Green: transmits emotions depending on its tone. Dark green represents seriousness, wealth, and security, while light green transmits happiness and adventure.
  • Black: represents seriousness and elegance. It will help you look sophisticated, forma, conservative, and in control. It conveys a lot of authority.
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    Pick colours that match your personality, colours say a lot about you. Choose you like most and that you identify with. Balance your mood with colour!

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