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Love Is In The Air: The Symbol Of The Heart

by Ana Caputo |

Various theories have been written about the heart symbol. From Greek to Egyptian culture, through the Middle Ages or the first decks of French cards tell where this symbol came from.

What is a shared reality is that the heart is understood in all cultures and that it represents a clear display of love and affection.

Dainty Heart Charm Necklace

The heart is an element loaded with a great symbolism and that is why it is an infallible icon in jewelry pieces, because more than a fashion or a design, accessories and their meaning complement our outfit and show our personality, express what we feel and what that we want to share with the world.

When we give a jewel with a heart we show that love and affection that we feel for others: it is a symbol of friendship, it is full of emotions towards your loved ones.

There is no doubt that the heart is a universal symbol, which transcends languages, which is everywhere and is an element charged with personality and meaning forever and ever: love is in the air, love is everywhere!

Cubic Zirconia Heart Bracelet

This powerful icon should be in your jewelry box or be considered on your gift list for your friends or family. It is always in fashion and is ideal with any look, providing a chic and romantic touch.

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