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Give A Heart: What Is The Symbolism Behind Accessories With Hearts

by Ana Caputo |

A large number of meanings are attributed to the heart, we can count among the most important: love, friendship, femininity and union. The heart symbolizes the central point of emotions and feelings.

In jewelry, the heart is one of the most used shapes or designs. Heart-shaped accessories are carriers of feelings of love and gratitude that we have towards others, and have a great symbolic value.Stone Heart Pendant
Life is pumped and originated from the heart of the human body. Around the world, the heart represents love, passion and affection. It is considered the center of emotions and is a symbol that is understood in all cultures.

Many meanings are attributed to it, among them are friendship, femininity, union, passion, sensuality and falling in love. However, it is more universally known as the symbol of love in its different forms, the center of emotions and feelings of human beings and, especially, love.Small Heart Studs EarringsIt is difficult to find a place in the world where an "I love you" is not accompanied by a heart-shaped detail or object. When we give our heart to someone in the romantic sense, we're offering a part of ourselves to them.

It is a symbol that represents life. The power of the earthly world and the inner peace that we carry in our hearts. Some people use it to express friendship or affection, but let's be clear, if someone gives you a bracelet or any other jewel with a heart, it means that they feel something for you! ♥♥♥Cubic Zirconia Heart BraceletEach jewel has a moment and a memory, and we frequently use the symbol of the heart to show love to others, not only love as a couple but also brotherly love, filial love and friendship.

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