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Boho Chic In Autumn: A Fresh And Carefree Style

by Ana Caputo |

I love that designers have decreed that Boho Chic will be the style of this season. It is so lovely and relaxed, that I’ve always been drawn to clothes in this trend.

It is characterized by fluid designs, colors that remind us of nature, and accessories that don’t go unnoticed. It combines flowy dresses with cowboy boots and fringed bags.

This look is not easy to pull off because it can seem like a costume if you don’t know how to properly combine all its elements. Follow these tips to always look chic:

Take risks with prints, but don’t go overboard: Floral details, ethnic motifs, “cashmere” or “paisley” prints, are essentials in this trend. They are powerful combinations, so keep yourself from falling into excess by combining it with neutral accessories and avoiding using too many colors at the same time or mixing different textures.

Rasta Bracelet - Bohemian Jewelry Tassel Bracelet

Bet on fluid garments that have a lot of movement: The maxi dress is the best example of a garment that is comfortable and spacious, with that relaxed yet elegant air. Of course, not all pieces should be “oversized.” Combine looser garments with tighter ones.

Hats as essential accessories: The most versatile is the “Fedora.” You can also headbands with floral, crochet, or embroidered details, or chain tiaras, scarves, and bandanas.

Choose the most appropriate footwear: Cowboy-style boots and carved leather ankle booties, as well as sandals decorated with ethnic motifs, feathers, shells, and fringes are the ideal shoes to complete this look.

The importance of accessories: Jewelry pieces with a mystical touch, those that never go out of style, are the perfect complement. Silver or metal bracelets, bangles, or earrings combined with natural stones. You can also wear multiple rings or anklets at once.

Buddha Tassel Long Necklace Lucky Jewelry

And of course, I couldn’t stop myself from designing accessories that highlight this original style!

If this isn’t your style, dare to incorporate some bohemian pieces into your wardrobe. You can use them for more informal occasions and look different and original. Here is a link where you will find more tips to do it successfully: Trendy Boho Jewelry: Comfortable, Creative, Relaxed And Carefree

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