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Trendy Boho Jewelry: Comfortable, Creative, Relaxed And Carefree

by Ana Caputo |

Inspired by the gypsies who pretty much wore everything they owned as they traveled, the look is not about matching your clothes or coordinating a theme perfectly. The boho style is a trend that mixes different eclectic, bohemian, ethnic, hippie and country elements to create a harmonious but very special look.

This is the boho style, a trend for you to wear accessories that express how you feel at all times.

The main protagonists of this style are the accessories, which are usually of different sizes, colors and express the freedom of those who wear them. Is there anything more personal and intimate than your jewelry?

This style is often associated with artists, writers, intellectuals and travel lovers, and is a growing trend towards simple and natural fashion.

Its theme is intimately linked to nature and the earth, so neutral tones with light touches of color highlight large, fluid, loose pieces, where there are very few restrictions when combining them.
Most of the pieces are made of natural stones and materials such as shells, leather, string, rope, among others, and are perfect for a casual, relaxed and free-spirited look.

Cowrie Shell Bracelet
How to mix boho style accessories and garments?

The Boho Chic style is characterized a bit by following bohemian fashion: detaching itself a little from the fashion trends of the moment.

Boho Beaded Long Necklace

Among the many pieces and accessories with which we can give our appearance that boho, casual and free air, personalize your look with the following recommendations:

  • Select large earrings and animal-shaped earrings
  • Match multiple rings
  • Compensates the abundant use of large rings and earrings with small and discreet pendants
  • You can also wear long and extensible necklaces
  • Use leather, rope or string bracelets

And if it is about clothing, those loose and very comfortable adapt very well to this style. An important quality is the material and texture of the fabrics, so choose uneven, worn and wrinkled garments. Consider bringing large bags. And for footwear, keep in mind that you can decide between huge boots or strappy sandals.

In the boho style there are no standards or patterns. There are no strict guidelines on how to wear the bohemian style because that's what it's all about. It is a combination of various elements and vintage details with hippie motifs.

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