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How To Look Elegant With A Casual Outfit?

by Ana Caputo |

One of my goals this 2022 is to discover those small details and changes in the way I dress up that will allow me to stay elegant at all times. Of course, I want to do so without spending too much and I’ve found that it is possible. Check out these tips to pull it off!

I want to share with you a list of tips that I’ve written down and started applying. If you want to join empowered women in search of elegance, this is for you. So , check out these tips because "elegant and casual": they can go together!

  1. Basic jeans with a classic cut: Avoid rips and other details like colors, applications, and glitters.
  2. Straight cuts and neutral colors: Neutral colors in garments like basic blouses and shirts cannot be missing from your wardrobe, and you choose mostly those without prints. It’s not boring, it’s easy to style.
  3. Choose good footwear: Flats, heels, and even sneakers. Everything is allowed, as long as the colors are neutral and the style remains classic. Trends are not always the best option.
  4. Add accessories according to the occassion: Keep in mind what you’re dressing for and choose accessories in accordance. Some accessories like belts, necklaces, bracelets, and rings will help you.

Extra tips:

  • Buy high-quality clothes and take care of them.
  • Dress according to the climate and the moment to be more comfortable.
  • Research colors, it’s incredible how big a change dressing in a color that compliments you can make.

My favorite accessories for casual looks:

I’m sharing a selection of the accessories from my store that will help elevate your outfit:

Boho Chic Abalone Bracelet Adjustable Fashion JewelryBoho Chic Abalone Bracelet Adjustable Fashion Jewelry

 Adjustable Bolo bracelet gold ball toggle slide chain


Gold Triple Layer Chain NecklaceGold Triple Layer Chain Necklace


Lariat Y Necklace - Gold Lariat Necklace - Bolo chainLariat Y Necklace - Gold Lariat Necklace - Bolo chain

With this you’ll be more than ready to pursue the goal of elegance!

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