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Necklaces That Enhance And Stylize Your Figure

by Ana Caputo |

Necklaces are practical and eye-catching accessories for any outfit and in their wide variety of models and materials they can become a focal point of our look.

There are some recommendations that suggest that the choice of a necklace is not only related to the outfit, but you should also consider the type of neck, height and bust.

The idea is to harmonize between the particularities of each body, the type of neckline and the selection of accessories, so that they are a complement and do not burden you too much.

To achieve that balance between shapes, check out these tips:

What necklace to wear according to your neck type?
If you have a short neck, medium and long necklaces that have a V-type drop are the most suitable to stylize your figure. Necklaces that end in a big pendant are ideal because they draw the gaze to that focal point and not to your neck.

Big Pendant Gold Rose Necklace Celestial Jewelry Cubic Zirconia Charm

If you have the fortune to have a long and slender neck you can select different types of necklaces.

What necklace to wear according to your height?
If you are short, long and fine necklaces stylize and lengthen your figure. It is recommended that the necklaces you wear do not have large details. Select those delicate and simple.

Petite Evil Eye Necklace

Now, if you are tall, you can wear necklaces that take center stage in your outfit. Choose necklaces with big, flashy, and quirky details.

What necklace to wear according to your bust?
If you have a small bust, you can select layered necklaces. Take advantage of the proportions and colors of the necklaces because you should not worry about creating volume in that area.

And if you are a girl with a large bust, the suggestion is to select small or medium necklaces that do not have large details at the end so as not to focus attention on your bust. Fine and delicate chains are a good option.

Dainty Heart Pendant Necklace

These are just a few suggestions, but what really matters when selecting a necklace is that you feel comfortable and that the accessories complement and highlight your personality.

In this link I leave you other recommendations about the best necklace for every neckline. Enjoy!

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