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Infinity Symbol: Proclaim Your Love Through Its Different Meanings

by Ana Caputo |

The infinity symbol looks like a horizontal version of the number 8 (), so we can't tell which is its beginning and which is its end because all of its elements are connected. And even though we know that it is related to eternity, its meaning is much deeper and more beautiful.

This symbol was used for the first time in mathematical studies by John Wallis, in the year 1655 to represent when certain elements have no limit... and in jewelry it is related to the best way to express true love, unconditional friendship and the wishes of eternal union with our loved ones.Couples Bracelet Red String Infinity Symbol - Set of 2 BraceletsNow, the infinity symbol has many meanings and today I share with you some of them:

For the Catholic religion:
It represents the resurrection, eternal life and new life.

For the spirit world:
The number 8 lying on its side () that symbolizes infinity has the ability to heal, cure and relieve physical pain and that of the soul and mind. It allows to ward off negative energies and bad influences. And also, it represents the beginning and the end, the past and the present.Gold Infinity Braided Bracelet for WomenFor astrology:
It represents family, love, sincerity and freedom. It is synonymous with balance of forces, duality and fusion of opposite situations or people. For example: day and night, light and darkness, life and death, feminine and masculine.

For Reiki:
It is considered a healing element. During the practice of this medicinal technique, the symbol of infinity is usually drawn, in an imaginary way, on the person with the belief that negative energy is thrown out.Infinity Gold Plated Ball Adjustable Black BraceletGiving an accessory with the infinity symbol is always synonymous with wanting to convey an eternal feeling of love, union, deep gratitude, trust and fidelity.

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