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St. Benedict Medal Double Protection Bracelet: Embrace Faith and Guard Against Harm

by Ana Caputo |

This Double Protection Bracelet is a meaningful expression of faith and a shield against harm. The bracelet showcases a St. Benedict medal, believed to provide spiritual protection from evil, temptation, and harm.

This unique bracelet is meticulously woven using a macramé square knot technique with a vibrant red cotton-linen cord, adorned with elegant 4mm gold-plated beads. At its center, you'll discover a 1.5 cm gold-plated connector and a protective 5mm flat evil eye glass bead.

The bracelet is designed with adjustability in mind, featuring a minimum size of 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) and the flexibility to extend it to approximately 10 inches (25.5 cm). You can easily tailor the length to achieve a perfect fit, ensuring both comfort and style.

The centerpiece of this bracelet boasts an image of St. Benedict on one side and a cross on the other. This medal carries deep spiritual significance, believed to offer protection against evil, temptation, and harm, while promoting good health. Often used as a sacramental, it is blessed by the church to bestow spiritual blessings. Wearing this cherished gift serves as a constant reminder of faith and protection.St Benedict Medal Bracelet Red String and Evil Eye for ProtectionOur Double Protection Bracelet goes beyond being a mere fashion accessory; it represents a potent symbol of protection for everyday life. The St. Benedict medal carries a rich history of safeguarding against various malevolent forces. Its virtues encompass:

  1. Warding off witchcraft and other diabolical influences.
  2. Providing protection to those tempted or tormented by evil spirits.
  3.  Assisting in the conversion of sinners, particularly in moments of peril.
  4. Serving as a shield against temptation.
  5. Neutralizing the effects of poison.
  6. Ensuring a timely and healthy birth for children.
  7. Offering protection against storms and lightning.
  8. Acting as an efficacious remedy for physical ailments and guarding against contagious diseases.

In addition to the St. Benedict charm, our bracelet features an evil eye bead, rooted in the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. It is believed that the evil eye can cause harm through envy and praise, making this accessory a powerful talisman to ward off negative energies and misfortunes.

Elevate your style, embrace spirituality, and shield yourself against negative energies with our Double Protection Bracelet.

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