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Pearl Jewelry Is Always In Fashion

by Ana Caputo |

My pearl jewelry collection is unlike any other. Select from cultured pearl, mother pearl or simulated pearl, necklaces, stud earrings, bracelets, and rings and let you and your jewelry shine!

Do you know where do pearls come from? Pearls form naturally from a living creature called a mollusk (almost always an oyster).

These lustrous round jewels are the result of a biological process: oysters produce nacre, the material that forms an oyster’s shell. When an irritant, most often a grain of sand, gets stuck between an organ called the mantle and the shell, the oyster will cover the irritant with layers of nacre, forming a precious pearl in the process.

Minimalist Pearl and Necklace Set

Most of the pearls available for purchase today are cultured pearls. Only 1 in every 10,000 oysters in the wild will form a natural pearl, and from those, only a tiny percentage will be gem quality. This understandably explains the value and costly price of natural pearls.

Cultured pearls are formed the same way as natural pearls, but they get some help from pearl farmers. Pearls can also come in different colors: pink, blues and golden shades of yellow. Not all pearls are perfectly round.

Fresh Water Pearls Adjustable Saint Benedict Bracelet

Pearls can be found in anything from earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. Cultured pearls, mother pearl or simulated pearl are delicate and require proper care. In this link you can discover some jewelry care & cleaning tips. Don't miss them!

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