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Your Country, Your Roots, Your Identity Are Also In My Creations

by Ana Caputo |

I feel deep pride in my country of birth, Venezuela. I feel immense respect for the country that has sheltered me as my second nation: the United States… and I am sure that each of you shares with me that unconditional love for what defines us as citizens with values and a culture rooted in our ancestors.

That deep love and respect is printed in each of the pieces that I design with great dedication for my brand, which is ultimately a tribute to my roots.Virgen de Coromoto Scapular Adjustable Venezuela Map BraceletMy mom has always inspired me. She is a fighter, a person who never surrenders. She has worked really hard to provide strong values to my brothers and me. She has motivated me since I was a child, introducing me to arts and crafts through many courses.

Now she helps me in promoting my products. Despite her chronic arthritis deformans, she wakes up every day ready to work and gives the best of herself to me and everyone else. Even today, as a culinary expert, she still cooks the best tiramisu and helps make my days delightful.American Dream Charm Women BraceletSome of my necklaces and bracelets pay tribute to the colors of the flags of the countries of the world, as a reminder of the coexistence and common welfare of the nations that saw us born.

Carry your country on your arm, on your neck, with you always close to your heart!

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