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Happy New Year! Something I learned in 2021 and that will help you in 2022

by Ana Caputo |

I hope you had ended the year in the company of your loved ones and those friends who become family.

My heart is very happy today because after a year full of what seemed like bad news, here we are, healthy, united, calm and we were able to say goodbye to 2021 celebrating. Those are huge reasons to thank God!

I know we tend to have many expectations for the beginning of the year and we put all our effort in that, at least, the first week we are one step closer to our goals. Therefore, I propose you to start softly, having full awareness in everything you do and living it to the fullest. LIVE, breathe, stop for a moment during the day and think about what you do. I assure you that in those moments you will find peace and you will realize that you keep making an effort and that little by little you are achieving what you dream of.

During 2021, I learned that without those moments to reflect, it is difficult to recognize our work and give ourselves that much-needed reassurance to keep going.

Stop today and say: "how great I am! I grew, I learned, I looked for solutions, I changed, and every day I am better". Now yes, with that in mind you are ready to start this year on the right foot.

In this post, I just wanted to wish you a happy new year and give you that message. Hope this can help you. I appreciate you and send you a big hug.

See you soon, Sifrilover!

Sifrimania by Ana Caputo


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