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Key Jewelry Trends To Know For 2022

by Ana Caputo |

We are in the final stretch of 2021, and next year is getting closer. What a thrill! And it is exciting because every start always brings us new opportunities and illusions and a lot of expectation for the challenges and projects that we already envision for the year 2022.

You already know my passion and commitment to each of my handmade pieces; creating accessories is for me the way to complement the final touch to our look, with the intention that they look complete and highlight our personality.

In this opportunity I would like to share the new trends for 2022, accessories that are in fashion and some tips and inspirations so that you can prepare and wear stylish jewelry on different types of occasions.

The combination of accessories will be among the great accessory trends of 2022, and one of the biggest bets is the combination of necklaces of different sizes, lengths, style and colors.

Gold Triple Layer Chain Necklace

The mix of bracelets is another of the great proposals for this year 2022. The simultaneous use of several bracelets, even of different materials and styles, will complement and add style and personality to the look.

 Best Friend Birthday Gifts

Rosary beads
Rosaries, which were fashionable and very successful in the 90s, have been in the trends since 2020; And by 2022 it will be no different, as it will continue to be one of the favorite and fashionable pieces.

Multicolor Crystal Rosary Bracelet

Pearls arrive in 2022 with a sober style, with fewer colors, in a slightly more minimalist way. Beaded necklaces will be the best option in the accessories trend of 2022.

Minimalist Simulated Pearl Dainty Choker Necklace

Minimalist jewelry
Another suggestion about the trends for 2022 reveals that the designs will be fresher, with youthful touches and with simple and minimalist shapes. In these pieces the fine and geometric lines predominate, simple figures such as moons or stars. Its simple and elegant appearance is ideal to always wear.

Petite Necklace Set, Dainty Choker, Minimal Stars Earrings, Star Pendant Necklace

Protection accessories
As part of the trends and which also adds to my list of suggestions, do not forget the accessories with protection symbols, they have been the most used since ancient times, and that is why they are always part of our jewelry box and are the ideal complement. For the day to day.

Powerful Multi Charm Good Luck Bracelet

Now that you know about the trends in jewelry for 2022, it is time to discover more pieces that go with you and will undoubtedly make you look fashionable.

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