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Religious Accessories That Keep Us Close To Our Faith

by Ana Caputo |

Faith and devotion have no limits. Praying and believing makes us feel protected and guided. Receiving or giving accessories with a spiritual meaning is a testimony of faith that we will always carry with pride and conscience.

Religious jewelry is very important in spiritual life. When wearing a patron saint medal, crucifix, rosary, and other religious pieces, it is done as a powerful reminder of faith and spirituality. It is a personal and private reflection of your beliefs and shows a real insight into your personality and lifestyle.

There are many holidays and sacraments to honor the faith, making religious jewelry a great gift for family, friends, and loved ones. Religious jewelry can be worn every day, for almost any type of occasion, and complements a multitude of outfits.

Today I have prepared this summary of some of my handmade religious accessories, with the wish that you feel even closer to your faith:

The Rosary inspires to meditate on the mysteries of the lives of Jesus and Mary. Meditation is an important of lives as Catholics.The Rosary Religious Jewelry

Mary Mother of God
In the Catholic Church, the veneration of Mary, mother of Jesus, encompasses various Marian devotions. One of the components of the Catholic veneration of Mary is the focus on her participation in the processes of salvation and redemption.Virgin Mary Pendant Bracelet

Hamsa Hand
The Hamsa Hand or Hand of Fatima is an ancient Middle Eastern talisman. The image of the Hamsa hand has a place in almost every prominent religion. It is a symbol of protection and hope for many.Hamsa Necklace Gold Hand of Fatima Necklace

St. Jude Medals
St. Jude symbolizes hope in times of great need. People choose to wear St. Jude medals for a variety of reasons. They are commonly worn by Catholics but can be worn by any religious affiliation.St Jude Medal Necklace

Devotional scapulars are objects of popular piety, primarily worn by Roman Catholics, as well as some Anglicans and Lutherans, designed to show the wearer's pledge to a confraternity, a saint, or a way of life, as well as reminding the wearer of that promise.Brown Scapular Adjustable Bracelet Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Michael Archangel Medal
Wearing religious jewelry reaffirms our beliefs and is a testament to our faith.

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