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The Most Beautiful Story In The World: The Life Of Jesus

by Ana Caputo |

Any occasion is conducive to wearing or giving away Catholic Jewelry. These pieces represent a way of fully living spirituality and are a special memory of people's faith.

This significant piece made up of colored beads and charms represents the Life of Jesus from his birth to his death.

Each part of the bracelet has its meaning to remind us of the greatest love story of all time, the life of Jesus.

Life of Jesus Bracelet

The beads on this bracelet will guide you to tell the story of his life and his great love for everyone.

Life of Jesus Bracelet

Once you tell the story with the prompts once or twice, you can tell the whole story simply by moving from bead to bead on the bracelet:

  1. Three wise men
  2. Followed by a star ⭐
  3. Carried gold, myrrh and stat 
  4. To the bird of the new King 👑
  5. Who became a carpenter
  6. And fisher of men and souls 
  7. He had 12 Apostles
  8. Who spread the Word of Jesus ⛪
  9. But one black day was betrayed
  10. He was crucified 
  11. He shed his blood for us
  12. To purify and save us
  13. He rose and is now in Heaven
  14. As a Father, son and the Holly Spirit 🕊
  15. And He did all this because of his great LOVE for us ❤❤❤

This bracelet tells the story about someone who loved us so much, that was capable to give his own life for us.

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