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Accessories To Rock Your New Year's Party Look

by Ana Caputo |

The end of the year parties are one of the most anticipated due to the opportunities that are presented to us to share and enjoy with friends and family.

To create an outfit that stands out at this time of year, we present you with a selection of pieces of handmade jewelry that will become your ideal complement.

Unlike clothing, accessories play an important role in our look, since they can make it stand out completely or overshadow it.

So today we present you with a selection of pieces that will make you look spectacular not only during the Christmas holidays, but that you will surely also treasure for your plans and outings next year.

Golden pieces
Symbolizes success. Undoubtedly a color associated with abundance, prosperity and well-being. It usually has the quality of improving any mood.

Stone Heart Pendant, Gold Necklace

Stone Heart Pendant, Gold Necklace

Silver pieces
They are related to feminine energy. It is believed that they absorb bad vibrations, protecting people from envy and the evil eye.

Natural stones
Natural stones can be found in a wide range of colors, styles, and shapes. Pearls, for example, have the ability to absorb negative energy and calm the person who wears them.

Minimalist Pearl and Necklace Set
Necklaces for each type of neck

Harmonize not only with the outfit you select, but also with your type of neck, height and bust so that the necklace is a practical and striking accessory.

Long Pearl Necklace

These are some suggestions, but what is definitely important when choosing an accessory to highlight your look and complement your personality, is that you feel comfortable!

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