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Summer has arrived! Time to enjoy, shine and dazzle

by Ana Caputo |

One of the most anticipated times of the year has finally arrived and we are already counting down the hours to enjoy the good weather, the sun, the sea or the pool. So if you are planning to pack your bag for this season, along with your swimsuit and sunscreen, you should pack your accessories to complete your look.

Summer is the time of color, of shining, of wearing versatile, comfortable, simple and excellent quality garments. So I have prepared these recommendations so that you can choose pieces that will make you look wonderful, both during the day and on summer nights.

Bohemian Tassel Necklace - Buddha Jewelry
Rainbow Bracelets for Women Summer String Adjustable Bracelet


Brown Leather Triple Wrap Summer Bracelet Hook Brass Clasp

Brown Leather Triple Wrap Summer Bracelet Hook Brass Clasp

Whether in the sea or in the pool, before diving in make sure you take off all your pieces. In addition to the risk of losing them, both chlorine and sea salt are highly corrosive agents that can damage your favorite accesories.

I also leave you these links with some tips that will help you in your preparations to enjoy the summer:

Enjoy and make sure your jewelry shines all summer long!

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